Harvey Young

Embarrassed that this post is so long overdue-shame!

While in Mashiko,
 we had the pleasure of visiting local potter--Harvey Young--
at his home and studio.

 Being a total ceramics groupie since the invention of play-doh,
I was happy to come across Harvey's work--
a mature mix of cultures, old and new..

Mashiko is still slowly recovering from the 3/11 earthquake,
made especially difficult as much of the city relies on pottery sales--
and, as you can imagine, much was destroyed from the impact.
please keep the local artisans in your thoughts!

see more of Harvey's work here.

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  1. Hello Kimberly!
    hahaha yes, me too, i'm so happy!! :)
    I made Taka's website recently. I talked about you with them, they remember you very well. I also showed your blogs to them, and loved your designs.
    Hopefully we can meet some day! I'm now in the west coast of Japan, staying in a zen temple. I will try to stay in Japan for a while, so lets see,
    Take care!