Three Part Saturday

Azabu Juban / Ebisu

a slow Saturday morning
led to some excellent adventuring around the corner...

...mini flea market in my neighborhood!
YES to old stuff made from wood, copper, and indigo.
(and YESYES to lady in polka dot jumper)

attended a lecture by the artist,
and fell in love with his new pieces!


went home with these
2D3D earrings.

I can't resist a good huddle of grandmas and grandpas.
You know something really quality is happening.
  Especially when they're wearing aprons and baby pink shirts.

 In this case,
charred squidlings and TAKOYAKI!!
As luck would have it, 
I had wandered in on a community food event.


  1. the first photo, is that your room? love it

  2. well, did you enjoy takoyaki?
    I bet you enjoyed Granma, grandpa....in aprons! LOL.
    would have been fun to join your day..

  3. YES takoyaki is a favorite of mine, especially when cute obaa-san are cooking!!